Our Story

What started as research into the health and wellness of gamers ultimately uncovered the lack of opportunities for female gamers, a racial divide between console and PC and limited access to equipment and reliable Wi-Fi in rural America. After conversations with friends, some of whom are mothers and physicians, Dr. Moore noticed the lack of awareness, understanding and guidance on health and wellness pertaining to gaming. Health-e-Gamer Foundation was established to help promote and protect the health and safety of gamers, particularly children. 

Dr. Melita Moore Headshot

Dr. Melita N. Moore

The Level Up Doctor™”


Dr. Melita N. Moore is a highly respected professional and has received recognition for her leadership in sports medicine, sports concussion and musculoskeletal diagnostics.

As one of a few select head team physicians of a professional esports team in the country, she is uniquely aware of the mental and physical stress and burnout issues in the gaming community.

Dr. Moore is an emerging leader in eSports Medicine and an international speaker on health and wellness of the e-Athlete/ gamer.